There is plenty to do here -or nothing at all! We can help you plan walks and visits in the surroundings, and assist you with logistics and pick up services. Also you can relax and enjoy nature as it is, directly from your bedroom window! In the summer, you can also have a swim in the pool and feel on top of the world, with a great view over the valley.

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Come enjoy the pure virgin olive oil

benito_con_pecore_oliviProduced here since ancient roman times when the Emperor Pompey The Great (Gnaues Pompeius Magnus) would allegedly come here to rest and have a taste of life.



Mompeo, Pompey the Great, and chance to Eat History!


Mompeo is thought to take its name from Pompey the Great, and the recent discovery and partial uncovering of a large Roman villa here has been tentatively associated with this historical figure. Of even greater interest is the olive grove which surrounds the villa and may well have done so for the last two thousand years. Some of these trees are ancient, and recent tests by the Institute of Vegetal Genetics in Spoleto have shown that are indeed unique varieties. It is tempting (and possible) to conclude that the oil from these trees – unblended by the purist owner Stefano, is as close as one might get to the taste of ancient Rome.


Olive trees here are nearly 2000 years old

Olive trees nearly 2000 years old

The extra virgin olive oil we produce is of unique quality, guaranteed by “Ecolabel“, the EU organic farming label, and  “Natura in Campo”, the Regione Lazio label, created to mark the products of regional protected areas and parks.


Feel the mood of of medieval times

Abbazia_di_FarfaThere are some lovely walks close by, for those who would like to set out into the countryside – a fabulous climb into the high meadows of the Sabina to the north, or a more gentle woodland stroll to the settlement of Castelnuovo di Farfa… and then on to the beautiful Benedictine “Abbazia di Farfa“, the abbey built to protect one of the most important centres of learning during medieval Europe.


The sound of the Farfa river gushing through its Gorge

Roman bridge over river Farfa

It creates a unique biotype environment. Follow the ancient track that leads downhill from the guesthouse to the Farfa river, and discover the natural beauty of the gorges, and the mysteries of the medieval mills.

Your hosts will be able to point you to a selection of other suggestions, according to season, upon arrival.

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Daily trips for classes, and green weeks on the farm (seasonal)

The programme is planned together with the teacher. During a school seminar we present a chosen educational pathway. The educational materials vary depending on the age of the visitors. Full quote available upon request.

Some of the themes:

  • “The Cycle of Organic Olive Oil”
  • “The World of the Bees”
  • “Reading the Historical Rural Landscape”
  • “The river Farfa and its Ecosystem”
  • “The Ecological and Organic Farm”

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WorldWide Opportunities On Organic Farms: You stay for free as our guest, if you help as a volunteer worker in olive picking, in vegetable growing and the green garden, and general maintenance chores. Specific rules apply

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It is our duty and mission to protect and maintain the Regional Park territory (Monumento Naturale delle Gole del Farfa) we live in. We work with the Lunaria Association in recruiting volunteers from around the world. Since 2001 we have held work camps considered a great intercultural value by people coming from Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Algeria, United States, Canada, Japan, Nepal, Korea, Australia, Mexico and counting.