Tucked in yet undiscovered and unspoilt rural Italy, only a train ride away from Rome, we are ready to offer you a very personal welcome in Mompeo. High on a hill, we have a summer pool for maximum relaxation -chlorine free, treated with a saltwater system- and a lovely wide view, reaching far into the horizon, over the valley. Grab a beer and a good book. Idyllic.


Stefano and Elisabeth will welcome you at the Guesthouse, along with their daughter Marit and son Theo. They met in 2006 and married in 2008. Stefano is in charge of all things rural, logistics and teamwork. He is also your best guide for the area, and well known for his open character. Elisabeth is in charge of all things comfortable, the rooms and (wonderfully) of the food. She makes sure you are well looked after and assures peace with her calm temperament.


Stefano (1)Stefano was born in Rome and has spent most of his childhood holidays enjoying and exploring the Monti Sabini, eventually becoming so knowledgable on the area to be called in by the Regional authorities as expert. During the 90’s he volunteered as worker for the protection of the environment in the area, finally leaving the city for good in 2000. He moved to Mompeo and founded a small agricultural co-operative to protect the area, the Co-op Fiume Farfa. He bought some abandoned land along the river Farfa, where groves and bushes enveloped large olive trees, and medieval mills, and an ancient aqueduct, all laying in ruin among the bushes. With the hard work of many volunteers, lots of idealism and luck the ancient olive trees are now productive, the aqueduct and medieval mills were cleared and made accessible to schools and the general public. The guesthouse was built over the ruins of a building found on the co-op’s land, and within the boundaries of the Monumento Naturale delle Gole del Farfa regional park, which Stefano strongly contributed in creating.


Elisabeth (1)Elisabeth was born in Belgium and met Stefano in 2006, while volunteering during a European Voluntary Service at the Co-op Fiume Farfa owned by Stefano and his associates. With a growing interest for the area she stayed nine months helping out with seasonal and regular chores, and in any way possible. Eventually she decided to stay for good and is now a main part of the project. With a huge passion for cooking and nature, she combines healthy, fresh products into innovative recipies.

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